What are the benefits of FaceScan compared to traditional methods?

FaceScan is a non-intrusive and contactless form of capturing vital signs and health risk indicators.

This technology does not require Users to purchase or onboard new hardware and it is easily accessible on a smartphone.  

FaceScan is a building block for scalable healthcare solutions, giving healthcare organizations an accurate and reliable remote monitoring ability via a device already widely circulated (the smartphone).  

FaceScan carries the potential to be a cost-reducing tool regarding hardware within organizations. With traditional hardware models requiring regular maintenance and upgrades. Adding to this, as organizations or patient loads expand, so do equipment needs; FaceScan is ultimately scalable in a cost-effective way as it is delivered on a smartphone.  

FaceScan’s at-home or pre-appointment ability also increases the amount of time physicians or organizations can spend working with people on positive health outcomes.