Why do results differ for a User during consecutive BodyScan's?

In general, measurements of any form will not be exact between multiple captures.

All measurements incur a natural deviation because of the nature of measuring the human body, for example, if a person repeatably measured themself with a tape measure they wouldn’t get the same measurement every time due to breathing, the tenseness of muscles, posture, feet position, etc.

As a result, repeated measurements by a human hand can easily vary up to 5% or more each measurement. BodyScan’s measurements have an average accuracy of 97.5% and an average repeatability of 98%. This means that when 2 sets of measurements are captured in succession, there is an average 2% tolerance of allowable threshold between measurements.  

It is important to remember that the end goal is the trend over time. Once a User has captured regular measurements over a 4-to-6-week period, they will see a trend in the measurement of either upward, downward, or consistent.

For more information on what a User can do to control the quality of a scan click here.