BodyScan Fact Sheet

Smart body composition and dimensioning


BodyScan offers a simple way to self-assess body composition and dimension in comfort and privacy. Discover comprehensive body composition data alongside key health risk indicators associated with obesity and diabetes.

Computer vision and machine learning
BodyScan leverages proprietary image processing, computer vision, and machine learning capabilities to provide composition, dimensioning, and health risk identification all on the smartphone.

Quick and contactless
Receive vital health and risk estimates across obesity and diabetes in less than a minute through your smartphone camera.

Accurate and Validated
Up to 97% accuracy and 98% repeatability. Peer-reviewed and clinically validated for accuracy and repeatability.

Key Stats:

  • Overall Circumference Accuracy: 97.5%
  • Chest Circumference Accuracy: 98%
  • Hip Circumference Accuracy: 97%
  • Waist Circumference Accuracy: 98%
  • Thigh Circumference Accuracy: 97%
  • Weight Inference (avg): 96.6%
  • Repeatability: 98%

Scalability in real-time

BodyScan’s smartphone accessibility offers a convenient, cost-effective, and scalable alternative to body dimensioning and composition for health risk prediction. With no additional hardware requirements, BodyScan offers real-time data gathering, for faster, better, data-driven decision-making in real-time cohort risk stratification and modeling.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

BodyScan is delivered as a mobile software development kit (SDK) to integrate with the composition/dimension capabilities, the 3D analyzer, and health risk estimates to in-house or commercial applications. BodyScan SDK is available for both Android and iOS.

Safety, security, and privacy

BodyScan images or videos never leave the device or are saved. BodyScan is optimized to process on-device. Once the results are returned, any encrypted data sent for processing is immediately deleted from the cloud. All AHI products are secure and compliant across some of the most stringent policies, our technology is GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, POPI Act, LGPD, and APP compliant making it globally available.

Research and validation

Research, testing, and data were collected across participants in Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, and Taiwan to gather a cross-section of excess body fat storage differences across ethnicities. Over 7,000 individual’s data points were gathered to train the technology before 929 participated in a validation study against gold standards. These results were compared with published commercial and clinical standards of anthropometry (Human measurement) and body composition. The validation showed digital circumferences, body fat percentage, and fat-free mass have equalled, and outperformed peer-reviewed anthropometry results from 4different commercial 3D scanning systems, and body composition results from 3in-Body bioelectrical analysis (BIA) machines.