About Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI).

Delivering greater accessibility for greater impact.

Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI) provides scalable health assessment, risk stratification and digital triage to health care providers, insurers, employers and governments.

Since 2014, AHI has been delivering health tech innovations using smartphones – starting with the first on-device body-dimensioning capability. Now, with global patents in all major markets, AHI brings forth the next frontier in digitizing health assessment with composable solutions.

AHI has assembled a leading team of medically trained professionals, AI, computer vision and data scientists to develop the most comprehensive smartphone-based risk assessment tool currently available, culminating in the following:

  • Body dimension and composition assessment to identify the comorbidities of obesity, such as diabetes risk estimates.
  • Blood biomarker prediction, including HbA1C, HDL, LDL, 10-year mortality risk.
  • Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) to return vital signs and, cardiovascular disease risk estimates.
  • On-device dermatological skin identification with over 588 skin conditions across 133 categories, including melanoma.
  • Personalized therapeutic and non-therapeutic health coaching to improve daily health habits and build health literacy.  

With a focus on impact at scale, AHI is proud to showcase a milestone in digital health transformation – a biometrically-derived triage solution – all accessible on a smartphone. With these advanced technologies, AHI can help partners escalate patients into right-care pathways for proactive health management at the population-scale.

This delivery of proprietary capabilities ushers forth an era of cost-effective health assessment for billions of smartphone users worldwide. In doing so, AHI endeavors to put the power of possibilities in the hands of communities, empowering people to take control of their journey to better health.  

This is ubiquitous proactive healthcare.