Privacy and Security

Advanced Human Imaging’s CompleteScan platform is a secure, multi-scan technology for our partners' smartphone application users.

Privacy & Security Highlights

Images and videos never leave your smartphone.
FaceScan data is deleted from the cloud after processing.
We do not store or send your data to third parties.
Advanced Encryption Standards.
Regular vulnerability and penetration testing.

We understand the importance of data privacy and protection


  • We use one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt user data.

No Facial Recognition

  • Our technology leverages transdermal optical imaging to extract data generated by physiological processes beneath the skin. We do not scan for facial recognition.

On-Device and Cloud Processing

  • Data processing occurs directly on your smartphone or through advanced signal processing as specified by a partner’s application.
  • Advanced signal processing occurs in the cloud and results are delivered back to your smartphone. After you receive your results, we promptly delete your data from the cloud.

Your Permission

  • If our partner’s application recommends sharing your photos with a health care provider, clinicians may request to view your photos, only with your permission.
We’re proud to have partnered with Advanced HumanImaging to work alongside their team as we conducted a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests (VAPT) in relation to help them understand, control, and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks and take efficient steps and develop an effective cyber resilience strategy, providing them with the confidence and capabilities to deal with the evolving threat landscape.

As one of a handful of ISO 27001 and CREST certified security organizations throughout Australia, we comply with Australian and international compliance, quality standards and regulations. Ensuring that both our clients, partners and ourselves meet the highest security standards required.
- Adam Bennett, CEO of Red Piranha