Advanced health data for intelligent actions

Our patented and proprietary innovation of healthcare technology means you know more and can do more, all on the smartphone.
Digital-Health-as-a-Service (DHaaS)

Deliver a meaningful health experience, to receive health intelligence


Seamlessly provide information on cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack risk in 30 seconds.

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Comprehensive body dimensioning and composition for diabetes and obesity risk prediction in 60 seconds.

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Biometric Health Assessment

Quick, contactless and convenient biometric health assessments for objective risk prediction.

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Drive better health outcomes through digital-healthcare enablement

Primary Care
Virtual Care
Population Health
Advisory Services
A unique portfolio of healthcare technologies

AHI is proud to showcase the first health risk assessment derived from our patented and proprietary biometric scans.

Our team of experts

We bring the latest in health innovation through our global team of multi-disciplined experts spanning across clinical psychology, exercise physiology, cardiovascular health, epidemiology, data science, computer vision and more.

Safety, security and privacy

We maintain rigorous governance and compliance to meet global regulations including HIPAA, GDPR as well as regular vulnerability testing by independent security experts.

Discover what biometric scans can unlock for you.

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