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Biometric Health Assessment

Comprehensive health assessments for data-driven prevention and early intervention strategies.

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Estimate vital signs and monitor health trends using facial recognition technology

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Uncover body composition and dimensions for a more accurate understanding of your overall health.

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What our solutions offer

Population risk stratification
Greater access to prevention care
Contactless remote monitoring
Digital biomarker underwriting
Smartphone health assessments
Machine-learning risk prediction for triage

Featured Insights

Why partner with Advanced Health Intelligence?

A unique portfolio of healthcare technologies

Proprietary and globally patented with patents across Australia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and the United States.

Peer-reviewed confidence

A portfolio of patented, science-backed, and externally validated methods by prestigious universities to deliver dependable results. Published in leading peer-reviewed publications.

Secure by design

End-to-end encryption to ensure your data remains secure. User-driven permissions for a secure and user-respected experience.

Discover what biometric health assessments can do

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