Smart and scalable body composition and dimensioning

BodyScan offers a simple way to accurately self-report body composition and dimension in comfort and privacy. Discover comprehensive body composition data alongside key health risk indicators associated with obesity and diabetes.

Using technology to help people live healthier lives

The power of data for better health outcomes

A convenient 3D body analyzer on your phone

BodyScan's data return can also be used to estimate risk indicators and health risks such as waist-hip ratio, waist-height ratio, obesity and diabetes.

Turn body dimensions and composition into risk insights

Smartphone body dimensioning combined with complex computational modelling can be used to derive obesity and type-2 diabetes risk.

Empowering more to take action on their health

Over 7000+ participants were recruited to help train the deep learning models for BodyScan, with clinical studies taking place across APAC to create this scalable solution.


Simple and easy body dimensioning on your smartphone

BodyScan uses the front-facing smartphone camera to capture a front and side profile to estimate the bodies composition.

BodyScan is hardware accelerated to run on-device for a near real-time experience.
Front and side images undergo proprietary computer vision and machine learning processing modules.
Individuals can receive composition, dimensioning, and health risk predictions, while partners can benefit from aggregated data points.
No images or videos ever leave the device or are saved. BodyScan is optimised to process on-device. Once the results are returned, any encrypted data sent for processing is immediately deleted from the cloud.






How accurate is BodyScan?

Body circumference
Weight inference

No additional equipment or hardware needed

BodyScan unlocks a mobile and convenient way to estimate health indicators associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes and prompt healthier behaviors.

Completely contactless, BodyScan is quick and only needs a compatible Android or iOS device to get started.
Deliver your care to those who need it most by seamlessly identifying your high-risk cohorts at scale.
Choose who you share your data with. Results are displayed under a health profile and can be adjusted at any time. We employ end-to-end encryption and adhere to global compliance standards including GDPR and HIPAA.

Privacy at every step

We take your data security and privacy very seriously. We enter into Data Processing Agreements with partners to ensure global privacy standards. Our technology regularly undergoes vulnerability testing to OWASP standards by independent security experts.

Global patents


Data points

Body circumference
Body composition
Body Fat %
Health risk predictions
Risks that can be predicted:
- Obesity
- Central Obesity (Visceral Fat)
- Type-2 Diabetes
Health indicators
Waist-Hip Ratio
Waist-Height Ratio
Measurement Accuracy

Chest  – 98%
Hip  – 97%
Waist  – 98%
Thigh  – 97%
Weight inf. (avg) - 96.6%
Repeatability – 98%
Overall accuracy - 97.5%
Things you should know
BodyScan is not designed for medical diagnosis or to evaluate medical conditions and is not a substitute for the clinical judgment of a health care professional. BodyScan does not diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease, symptom, disorder or abnormal physical state. You should always consult a trusted health professional before making decisions about your health.
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