Biometric-enabled, data-driven health solutions

Accelerate your vision and know where to focus your efforts with our composable products and platforms. Build your vision of personalized digital health care.

Trusted by some of the most innovative brands

Building the future of digital health

Composable architecture

Integrate with the products and platforms that create the most meaningful experiences for your audience.

Real-time cohort risk

Cohort risk modeling so you can strategically allocate spend and focus effort toward those who need it most.

Efficient, effective and secure

We conduct regular vulnerability and penetration testing. End-to-end encryption means no video or images ever leave the device.

Digital-Health-as-a-Service (DHaaS)

Compose your personalized value-based care solution

Meaningful health experiences to powerful analytics


Seamlessly provide information on cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack risk in 30 seconds.

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Comprehensive body dimensioning and composition for diabetes and obesity risk identification in 60 seconds.

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Biometric Health Assessment

Quick, contactless and convenient biometric health assessments for objective risk identification.

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Discover how Digital-Health-as-a-Service can help you.

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