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To support proactive, personalized healthcare to every smartphone user globally.


Ubiquitous proactive healthcare.


Be a technology enabler to the world’s most innovative companies by delivering smartphone-accessible healthcare platforms.

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Advanced Health Intelligence is here to help enable the future of ubiquitous proactive healthcare.

We do this by being your digital health solutions partner and helping you deliver business advantage today.

Your digital health solutions partner

We work with you to leverage our technology and deliver a private, secure and cost-effective way for individuals to check, track and act toward better health outcomes.

As a leader in health tech innovations, AHI offers patented and proprietary platforms that can return a comprehensive health risk assessment estimating obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, stroke and heart attack risk, all on the smartphone.

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A better future tomorrow, and for generations to come

At Advanced Health Intelligence, we’re committed to building a vision we can be proud of.
Privacy is at the heart of what we do
Privacy is paramount and is a cornerstone of our decisions. We respect your decisions on how you’d like to use your data and it is our priority to protect the safety of this personal data at every interaction.
We create for a better tomorrow
We don't just innovate, we're here to transform. We think boldly and have the courage to try things the market is yet to experience. We reward pioneering spirits, even if the ideas may not work out.
Greater accessibility means championing diversity
We cultivate an environment where everyone feels included and empowered. We listen and welcome new ways of thinking. We consistently work to improve our technology and services to reach further communities.
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