Biometric Health Assessment

Biometric Health Assessment

A non-invasive, non-intrusive, comprehensive assessment of physical, psychological and mental health - all on the smartphone.

The first health risk assessment using biometric scans

Our 4-tier approach allows for an efficient and cost-effective, gradual approach to understanding health, escalating only those in higher-risk categories through more assessments.
A tiered approach
Our 4-tier approach allows for an efficient, gradual approach to understanding health, escalating only those in high-risk categories through more assessments.
Objectively data-driven
Relying on biometric markers, the report delivers objectively estimated indicators, reducing errors in self-reporting and barriers in health literacy, for more accurate data-driven decision-making.
Evidence-based, externally validated
Combining a portfolio of patented, science-backed, and externally validated assessment by prestigious universities for reliable results.
All on a smartphone
No additional hardware or wearable connection needed. All assessments can be conducted conveniently anywhere, on the smartphone.

Unique technologies for unparalleled innovation

This patented and proprietary combination of healthcare technology innovation means you can know more and objectively predicts outcomes, all on the smartphone.

Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) to estimate vital signs and, cardiovascular disease risk estimates.
Body dimension and composition assessment to predict the comorbidities of obesity, such as diabetes risk estimates.
Blood biomarker prediction, including HbA1C, HDL, LDL, 10-year mortality risk.
On-device dermatological skin identification with over 588 skin conditions across 133 categories, including melanoma.
Alongside the well-validated and documented PHQ-9 and GAD-7 for a complete 360-degree health risk assessment.

What can we do for your industry?


Supporting data-driven clinical decision-making for personalized medicine and lower cost of care.


Close the healthcare divide with a cost-effective, scalable and secure digital delivery.


Seamlessly roll out your pre-employment screening for quick analysis and decrease downtime.


Identify your key risk cohorts for strategic wellbeing spend.


Deliver more value to clients and put them on a competitive edge with our latest technology innovations.

Objective biometric data for improved accuracy and reliability

Our 4-tier approach allows for an efficient, gradual approach to understanding health, escalating only those in high-risk categories.

Scan to understand health and risk

Individuals are prompted for scans according to their risk tier. Each scan can be personalized into the next-best action or a subsequent assessment to continue.

Tier 1: Baseline health vitals
Baseline health vitals including blood pressure estimate, heart rate, HRV, breathing rate, mental health, and cardiovascular health using FaceScan and answering some simple questions.
Tier 2: 10-year cardiovascular mortality risk
Red and amber alerts will be prompted to complete a Resting Heart Rate Scan for further analysis of predicted cardiovascular risk.
Tier 3: Body dimension and composition
Continued red and amber alerts will be prompted for a BodyScan to predict obesity and diabetes risks.
Tier 4: Heart rate recovery assessment
Higher quartile risk scores will complete the assessment with a guided submaximal step-test and finger PPG for post-exertion heart rate recovery, and receive a comprehensive report including a prediction of Framingham 10-year hard cardiovascular risk.
Your privacy is paramount. All tiers employ our technologies which feature end-to-end encryption and are compliant with global standards including GDPR and HIPAA.

Deliver scalable healthcare

Whether it's for pre-screening or personalized medicine, deliver data-driven actions for better health outcomes.

A comprehensive report via email
After completing the health assessment, a PDF version can be emailed to a nominated address.
Enable for a cohort, or deliver to a population
Complete access through a smartphone means you can reach more people and scale according to your needs.
Focus your efforts
Efficient and scalable risk stratification, to promote early detection, triage into telehealth and better direct your healthcare spend.
You choose who you share your data with. The requirements for the report can be built into your desired experience, putting the permission in the User’s hands.

Privacy at every step

We take your data security and privacy very seriously. We enter into Data Processing Agreements with partners to ensure global privacy standards. Our technology regularly undergoes vulnerability testing to OWASP standards by independent security experts.

Global patents

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