About Us

We are a human imaging company that lives in the most used electronic device on the planet: the smartphone.

Beyond Measure

One of the most significant pieces of technology ever invented is the smartphone.

It rapidly evolved into the powerful device we imagined the future would be. Simultaneously, advancements in mathematics and computer vision, and the advent of AI collided, making AHI human scanning technology possible.

What was thought impossible only a few years ago, is now a reality.

Today, we are beyond just simply measuring the human body. We are delving deep inside. Combining big data, research and global population studies to track fitness and predict health risks.

Our Management

Dr. Katherine Iscoe

CO-FOunder & CEO

Vlado Bosanac

CO-FOUNDER & Head of Strategy

Terence Stupple

chief technology officer

Dr. Amar El-Sallam

chief science officer

Kevin Baum

program manager

Simon Durack

cHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER & company secretary

Phillip Cooper


Ryan Snowden

Chief Design Officer

Nadine Amesz

Operations officer

The Board

Dr. Katherine Iscoe

CO-FOunder & CEO

+ Co-founder and company’s initial CEO
+ PhD in medical technology with multiple academic publications
+ Extensive background in evidence-based health solutions
+ 5+ years media experience
+ 10+ years keynote speaker experience

Nick Prosser

Non-Executive chairman

+ 15+ years experience in the ICT industry.
+ Director of a number of private companies in Australia and Asia.
+ Former founder of Canberra Data Centres which were acquired by Infratil and Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation for an enterprise value of $1.16 billion in 2016.

Mike Melby

Non-Executive Director

+ Fitness industry executive.
+ Tech company founder (PayDivvy - acquired by Higher One, TapIt – acquired by VC-backed Phunware).
+ Investment banker and private equity investor.
+ MBA Entrp. Man, BA, Political Economy.

Peter Goldstein

Non-Executive Director

+ Over 30 years of diverse and global entrepreneurial, client advisory and capital market experience.
+ Experience in M&A, strategic planning and transaction structuring.
+ Steered and completed initial public offerings (IPO), up-listing and reverse merger transactions, and secured private placements.
+ Founder of Exchange Listing, LLC. CEO of Grandview Capital Partners, Inc.
+ MBA in International Business from the University of Miami.

Dato Low Koon Poh

Non-Executive Director

+ Shareholder and Executive Director of an Singapore Exchange listed company.
+ Over 20 years in accounting and corporate finance.
+ Entrepreneur, advisor and investor.
+ Fellow of ACCA (UK) and MIA (Malaysia).

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