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UPDATED 06/07/2022:

2021 Annual General Meeting

The Company’s AGM is scheduled to be held via an online meeting platform powered by Automic on 31 Jan 2022 at 1pm (AWST).

The Company is continuing to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 virus in Western Australia and following guidance from the Federal and State Governments. In light of the current circumstances and continued uncertainty on restrictions on gatherings, the Directors have made the decision to hold the Meeting virtually. Accordingly, there will not be a physical location where shareholders can attend the Meeting in person.

The Company encourages all shareholders to vote and ask questions in advance of the meeting by lodging questions online at

To attend the virtual Meeting, please register using the button below. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information on how to join the virtual AGM.

Register for 2021 AGM
General Information

Shareholders that wish to vote virtually on the day of the Meeting will also need to log into your shareholder account at to access the online voting platform provided by our share registry. Shareholders who do not have a shareholder account with Automic are strongly encouraged to Register for an account as soon as possible and well in advance of the Meeting to avoid any delays on the day of the Meeting.

Registration for voting virtually on the day of the Meeting will be open from 1pm (AWST) on 31 January 2022. Instructions to log into your shareholder account may be found in the Notice of Meeting.

We recognise that a virtual AGM is a new experience for our shareholders. An online guide provided by our share registry has been included below to provide further information about the virtual AGM.

Important information in respect of the AGM may be found below:

Should you wish to discuss any matters in relation to participating in the AGM including voting on resolutions in the Notice of Meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the Company’s share registry on +61 1300 288 664.

Online Communication Preferences

We encourage all shareholders to update their details via our share registry and to elect to receive communications electronically. We encourage shareholders to elect to receive online communication as the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep up to date with the Company’s information.

We look forward to your attendance at the Annual General Meeting.

Virtual Meeting Instructions

The company is pleased to provide shareholders with the opportunity to attend and participate in a virtual Meeting through an online meeting platform powered by Automic, where shareholders will be able to watch, listen, and vote online.

To access the virtual meeting

1.     Open your internet browser and go to
2.     Login with your username and password or click “register” if you haven’t already created an account. Shareholders are encouraged to create an account prior to the start of the meeting to ensure there is no delay in attending the virtual meeting
3.     After logging in, a banner will be displayed at the top once the meeting is open for registration, click on “View” when this appears
4.     Click on “Register” and follow the steps
5.     Click on the URL to join the webcast where you can view and listen to the virtual meeting
6.     Once the Chair of the Meeting has declared the poll open for voting click on “Refresh” to be taken to the voting screen
7.     Select your voting direction and click “confirm” to submit your vote. Note that you cannot amend your vote after it has been submitted


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Dr Katherine Iscoe –  CEO
Mr Nick Prosser – Interim Non-executive Chairman
Mr Mike Melby – Non-executive Director
Mr Dato Low Koon Poh – Non-executive Director
Mr Peter Goldstein – Non-executive Director
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Katherine Iscoe
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Mr Simon Durack
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